samedi 16 août 2014

Useful information about Barcelona City of artists


The Barcelona Turisme Creatiu initiative provides an excellent showcase that makes Barcelona a city of artists and helps to raise awareness and promote art and culture projects by artists from all the corners of the world.

Ciutat d'artistes
Barcelona is a city of art which supports the arts. The Barcelona Turisme Creatiu (Barcelona Creative Tourism) platform, which has been set up to help develop art and culture exhibitions and projects in the city by artists from around the world, is a result of the artistic concerns that have always characterised the city.

Ciutat d'artistes
This joint initiative of the Municipal Council and Turisme de Barcelona, aims to hold and promoteartistic and cultural exhibitions and expressions from artists all over the world who have chosen Barcelona to carry them out, meaning that all the main players on the cultural scene play a key role.

Ciutat d'artistes
This exchange of experiences gives multiple benefits: Barcelona is in a prime position to showcase the art and culture contributions of a broad spectrum of artists and raise their profile, while providing information about the city’s facilities and services.

The website Barcelona Creativa is an important tool where you will find information about the great scope, exhibition and potential for interactivity offered by the platform from Barcelona.

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