vendredi 15 août 2014

A tour of Germany

Willkommen! Germany, the country of the engine, in seventh place in the ranking of most tourist countries of the world with a total of 31.5 million, most of which comes from its neighbor, the Netherlands.
The weather can vary by region but broadly speaking is an oceanic climate with winters and cool summers. Particularly characterized by having an unpredictable time. In summer it is usually when it's warmer but there is much more likelihood of rain, so I prepared the case thoroughly and be amazed.
Germany has 4 main tourist areas distributed as follows: Berlin (the capital), Bavaria (Munich and Nuremberg), Baden-Württemberg (Stuttgart and Heidelberg) and north of the Rhine (Cologne, Dusseldorf and Dortmund).
We have, without doubt, the land of beer par excellence, with over 5,000 different beers. It is a common accompaniment in German cuisine as well what is the Kartoffelsalat, which is a typical dish of the country characterized by potato, beer, egg, onion and vinegar. All this we can take in a Biergarten that are typical to take leisurely beers and outdoor terraces. And remember that in this country tipping is not mandatory.
There are a large variety of attractions dedicated to the tourists who come to the German nation. Mainly tourism received Germany's cultural, tourism followed by a more dedicated to adventure and shopping. It is not a country of sun and sand, but we suggest that the island of Sylt, located to the north of the country do not miss. Within the cultural branch we have the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, the Marienplatz, Munich's famous square; and all the art and culture of the city of Berlin as the bust of Nefertiti, the Berlin Wall or the Ishtar Gate of Babylon to more.
The Black Forest is a very characteristic area of ​​this part of Europe that served to inspire a good group of writers including the Brothers Grimm.
Despite being one of the most populous countries of the old continent, remains one of the most important nature reserves and has managed to raise awareness on environmental issues affecting the planet by recycling 85% of waste generated.

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Now you can know Germany a little better with this infographic:

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