vendredi 15 août 2014

Flower Carpet: explosion of color in Brussels

Every two years in the Belgian capital of Flower Carpet festival is celebrated during the month of August, which attracts thousands of visitors.
The main square of Brussels, Grand Place, is covered with thousands of colorful flowers with which the world's largest floral tapestry form, measuring 75 meters long by 25 wide, covering 1800 m2 of begonias.

Brussels is known as the capital of Europe for having some of the major European institutions in this city, but if an item is recognized in the Belgian capital, is its wonderful square, surrounded by magnificent buildings like the house of guilds, council or the King's House. Therefore, in 1998, the Grand Place was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.
If this square and leaves you with your mouth open when you see a day every day, you can see these days do not have words. Turn a street and find the Grand Place, with its beautiful buildings all around and covered plaza flowers forming a huge mural, is one of the most stunning images of the world and leaves you breathless.
This festival began in 1971, when an architect design the square with thousands of flowers a series of Belgian landscapes, was so successful that many cities asked the architect to repeat the feat in their cities, but none stood out as much as that in the square Belgian. Therefore, it has been repeated this tradition and is a biannual event.
The beauty of this festival is mainly due to its main component, the begonia. A flower, which, because of their weatherability, makes the rug during the 3 days is exposed, look fresh and just created. Also, you can not forget the variety of colors of begonias, they do that you can see thousands of details on the carpet when completed.
During Thursday (August 14), will begin to build the floral carpet by small models that have been made during the year, thousands of volunteers begin placing colorful flowers with approximately 300 begonias per square meter to week, millions of visitors pass around the square admiring this work.
Each year the carpet tries honor an act in 2012 was Africa, and this year's honoree will be Turkey because of the 50th anniversary of the Turkish immigration in Belgium.
But from where you can admire this artwork ?, we will recommend two ways:
  • Flip around the Grand Place, Brussels, to observe the details of this amazing floral tapestry.
  • Go to city hall and from the balcony you will see an overview of all the carpet, entrance costs 5 € and is free for children under 10 years, but we recommend paying the entrance by the magnificent view that can immortalize the plaza and tapestry.
This party does not leave anyone indifferent and Belgians are turning in it, from Enodius we recommend a visit and remember that this weekend I can see and touch us but he waited until August 2016.

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