vendredi 15 août 2014

Fuegos de Blanes

Blanes holidays

The fires of Blanes is one of the most important holidays in this town located in the province of Girona (Catalonia) attracts 120,000 people a day bringing it closer to 150,000 other national festivals like the San Fermin or the Fallas in Valencia. About 4000 square meters where about 160 people work shooting about 1200 pounds of gunpowder was organized.
It's a party with over 100 years of history, detained during the war and recovered el1944; experiencing its heyday in the 80s.
At first it was an event that accompanied the festival, but in the 70's became an International Fireworks Competition, which allowed for domestic and foreign pyrotechnic companies. Currently, for the winner there is a prize of 6,000 €.
This year 2014 des held Thursday 24 July to Sunday 27 July.
Would you suggest the Si animate them:
• If you come with the car, do not go directly to the center.
• At the end of the fires do not go out of town quickly. There is usually a lot of traffic.
• Place yourself outside the sandbox, which is the launch area fires.
• Make videos, share it as it is worth it.
, Write on Twitter with the hashtag # FocsBlanes14 for more information or go comentad as fires!  :)
For more information:
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