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The Moors and Christians take Villajoyosa

Moors and Christians in Villajoyosa

For eight days the town of Villajoyosa in Alicante takes a step back in time and placed in the sixteenth century with the Moors and Christians festival which commemorates the battle of 1538 when Pirates Zalé-Arraez tried to attack the village.
Throughout this week (Thursday 24 starts) in the Alicante town you can enjoy many activities that will not stop even for a minute.
On 25 and 26 July in the streets of the city will see parading sides of the Moors and Christians with their period costumes. Also prepared to get up early on July 28, because you can live a live reenactment of the landing. The battle will start at about 5 in the morning and throughout the day will see scuffles between the two sides together with lights, sound, pyrotechnics, plus the vision and desire to put each year all the inhabitants of this town to celebrate this date as indicated for them.
This celebration, in honor of Santa Marta, takes place in Villajoyosa for over 250 years and the element that unlike other battles between Moors and Christians is his landing, in which achieved in 2003 be declared holiday attractions international.And we can only recommend visiting.

For you both, if thought Tene go, we remember:
• Do not forget the camera, both the landing and the shows will you believe that you have traveled back in time, so inmortalizad all times. 
• Take off laziness! When we leave the house is to discover, not to rest! So the day 28 all up to keep any details of the landing. 
• If you are male, decorate your beard original and fun and hang a picture on instagram because this year has prize and do not forget to label them with hashtags #barbafesta and #igersalicante. 
• And most importantly:. ENJOY, because this feast is accompanied by culture, music and dance 
• The big day will be on Sunday 28 but the holidays are extended all week, so Do forecasts accommodation if you are going to be more than a day.
If you are going to go to this or any other holiday this summer can organize it by traveling platform and discuss it and do not forget to send us photos through our social networks!

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