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Hotels Movie

We are always surprised to see a place and associate it with a memory of our life, a situation experienced at another time, or a movie that we loved. In today's post we discuss these recent memories, who does not like to sleep in a hotel that has appeared on the big screen or follow the footsteps of some of the most famous faces of Hollywood. We will try to identify a list of some of the hotels that have appeared in major Hollywood productions.

Film Bellagio Hotel enodius
  1. Speaking of Las Vegas, no doubt, theBellagio Hotel is one of the casino / hotel famous on the big screen, has appeared in movies like "Ocean's Eleven" or "The Hangover" . And if something is totally recognizable hotel rooms are or casino, but its large font and its curved architecture.That makes him one of the hallmarks of the city of Las Vegas.
  2. Looking mythical scenes of film, you could not miss on any list the shower scene from " Psycho " . This scene happened in The Bates Motel , fortunately or unfortunately, depending how you look, it was never a real hotel, the hotel was part of a set that can now visit at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, but still one of the most famous movie hotels, although only outside a set.
  3. timberline lodge hotels theater EnodiusThe Stanley Hotel is known by all those movie fans for the film of the 80s, " The Shining. " Although this hotel in the movie is called Overlook Hotel . Even many of their guests are accommodated in the film called Stanley Kubrick and there are still rumors about the presence of spirits, making many visitors claim to hotel.
  4. If we turn to terror to the action we can not forget the most famous spy of all time, James Bond. The original novel by Ian Fleming, "Casino Royal" , the Hotel Splendid described as a place that exudes luxury and elegance. The book is filled with details about the hotel so it was difficult to find the location that best adapt to this description. Finally the location of the hotel was found in the Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy (Czech Repúclica), a hotel of neoclassic style of earlier and charming addition we have also seen in other films like " Shanghai Knights. "
  5. Hotel Plaza, hotels FilmIn New York there are many hotels and many of them have come on the big screen, but one stands out thanks to its location and the many times we've seen her silhouette in the film,Hotel Plaza , located on 5th Avenue New York and across from Central Park. In it, Cary Grant stayed in one of the exclusive apartments during the filming of " The North by Northwest ". Others remember this hotel for the film"Home Alone 2" .
  6. The luxurious places Tony Montana and his best friend Manny relaxed in"Scarface" (Scarface in the United States), belong to the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. In addition we also see yourself in this hotel to another 007, specifically Sean Connery in Goldfinger .
Here's a first group of hotels that are sure to remember the film, but they are not the only ones in the coming weeks and read the second part of this post.
If you have stayed at any of these hotels please send your photos and comments and if you want to go to any of them, the platform  allow you to organize travel faster and more comfortably.

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