mardi 14 avril 2015

Breathtaking beauty: the Grand Tour of Switzerland

New: Switzerland’s highlights all on one journey. Natural, impressive and authentic.
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A taste of freedom – the Grand Tour of Switzerland

Pack your bags, start the engine and you’re off: ahead of you, just the open road and the Alps. Glide past sparkling mountain lakes, high above the valley floor; in the distance, catch a glimpse of one of Switzerland’s charming cities. You’re free: stop wherever you wish, for however long you want.

On the Grand Tour of Switzerland, the journey is the goal. You’ll drive through four language regions, over five alpine passes, to eleven UNESCO World Heritage Sites and two Biosphere Reserves and along 22 lakes. The tour showcases the best of Switzerland with countless scenic highlights and cultural gems. Probably nowhere else will you find such variety in such a compact area.

Ready to explore? Begin an unforgettable journey of discovery now with our short film.

Breathtaking beauty

Switzerland’s finest gems on one journey

Would you like to see the best of Switzerland in a single scenic journey? Discover Switzerland’s most beautiful regions and its finest cultural gems now on the Grand Tour of Switzerland.

Unforgettable experiences
The web route

A virtual road trip through Switzerland

Explore the Grand Tour interactively right away! You’ll find lots of tips for places to see and visit along the way, plus beautiful pictures and inspiring videos – to give you an exciting taste of your own Grand Tour.

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Our hotel tips

Accommodation along the Grand Tour

Traditional guest houses, charming boutique hotels and stylish luxury hotels promise a wide choice of accommodation all along your tour of Switzerland. After a day’s exploring, you’ll appreciate the tranquillity and warm welcome.

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Sebi and Paul on tour
Sebi and Paul are on the Grand Tour. You, too? Post your #SwissSelfie of the #SwissGrandTour on, Twitter oder Instagram.
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Grand Tour of Switzerland

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